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Recent News

September apprentice of the month

September Nominations & Winner

11:54 Fri 17th October 2014

We received another great batch of nominations in September. It was difficult to pick a winner as we felt all apprentices nominated were doing a fantastic job. Congratulations to Joe Butterfield from the Rugby Football league who has helped grow their audience on twitter and has gone above and beyond what has been expected of […]

ICT Project Management

What Is Project Management In An IT Role?

15:23 Thu 16th October 2014

IT Project management is all about the use of IT in finance, managing strategic information, using IT to solve marketing problems and how to use IT applications in product or service delivery. In particular IT professionals with the skills to deliver objectives, control processes are took into consideration quite highly, due to the fact that […]

Man fixing computer

Is there really a skills shortage in the IT industry?

I’ve read a few articles explaining that there is a skills shortage in the UK IT sector. Research suggests that 120,000 new recruits are needed every year. Where are these recruits going to come from? Recruiting highly technical staff can be a challenge. Finding a software developer that knows their stuff can be a nightmare. […]