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Baltic Apprenticeships provide real employment opportunities for young people who are looking to gain real life work experience. read more.

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Baltic Apprenticeships by Baltic Training Services offer IT Apprenticeships in Software Development, Social Media. read more.

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There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook, over 500 million registered users on Twitter and over 200 million professionals... read more.

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Recent News

Benefits of training existing staff

Benefits of training existing staff

11:42 Fri 19th September 2014

With only 2,916 people applying for a 24+ advanced learning loan in 2013 in the UK, there is a significant need for training staff in current job roles. We came up with the IT training programme for current staff to make use of the funding available. Making sure that your staff have the right skills […]

IT Apprentice interview

How an Apprenticeship changed my life

11:42 Wed 17th September 2014

We traveled to Bradford 2 weeks ago and interviewed one of our current IT Apprentices, called Jordan. He is currently 10 months into his IT Apprenticeship with vIT4u – With only a couple of month to go, find out how Jordan’s life has changed. Watch the interview below: This video proves that the training, support, […]



15:20 Tue 16th September 2014

We’re pleased to announce that we now have our very own ‘power hour’ on Twitter. We have created a Twitter page which helps individuals who are looking for an apprenticeship, further information about apprenticeships, advice and tips, questions in general. Also we would appreciate opinions and past experiences – ANYTHING APPRENTICESHIPS! If you’re looking for […]