- Team Member -

Annie Rockett

Operations Manager

Annie started her journey with Baltic back in July of 2015, joining the company as a temporary Admin Assistant to help support the implementation of a new platform within the business. Due to her hard work, she quickly moved into the operations team as an Apprenticeship Co-ordinator. Annie’s role within Baltic has evolved greatly since she started, and one of the biggest changes has been incorporating the responsibility of Customer Relations into the current Co-ordination Team as well as bringing in a designated Customer Relations Officer. This means the team is now responsible for supporting apprentices who may be at risk of leaving the programme. Annie finds her role extremely rewarding and it may sound cliché, but the best part of her role for her is managing the team.

The coordinators are responsible for managing all of the IT apprentices which means they keep contact with the apprentice and employer from day 1 until the complete the apprenticeship. Annie admits that it can be high pressured at times, but it is extremely rewarding when they get to see the apprentices gain their qualifications and continue their career into the world of IT!

Before Annie joined Baltic, she gained a Master’s Degree in Communication which, alongside moving into her role of Operations Manager, she says is her greatest achievement. The best part of working for Baltic according to Annie is the culture and the people. Baltic Training is very much one big family and everybody has the same goal of providing young people with industry recognised qualifications and helping them on to the first rung of the career ladder. This means everybody works as a team and departments work together for the best result.