- Team Member -

David Miller

Senior Assessor

David joined Baltic in May 2016 as a member of the Assessor Team, and his role has evolved quite a lot since he started. He made the decision to move all of his contact with learners from the phone, to webinar, a move he says is a much more modern and high tech way to review how the learner is doing. David’s favorite part of his role is being able to help learners on their journey towards being professionals in their field. His role is always varied as the help needed is different for each and every learner, whether it is supporting them with work for their diploma, or being there if they have any issues they need to discuss. Before David joined Baltic he qualified as an IT teacher, and now has over 3 years teaching experience, including spending 1-year teaching in a male prison! David received an Outstanding for his teacher training and he says this is his biggest achievement. David says the best part of working for Baltic is simply the fact that Baltic are the best company he has worked for, as we are really friendly, modern and ambitious. Thanks David!

Observation Grade