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David Stoddart

Technical Trainer

I started at Baltic in March 2017  as an assessor, before moving onto the IT Technical Training Team in December 2017

  • How had your role evolved since you started?

As an assessor at Baltic it was the first time I was responsible for a caseload of learners where all communications would be done online. This was a challenging but enjoyable experience. Also as an assessor I became aware of and transitioned into working with learners on the more modern standards apprenticeships instead of the tradition framework apprenticeships. Following this I have then progressed onto becoming an IT Technical Trainer which has helped me further my teaching experience and developing methods to deliver full training courses online.

  • What’s your favourite part of your role?

I enjoy delivering training courses and supporting people through their qualifications. Working in this environment is always challenging but always enjoyable and rewarding.

  • What’s the best thing about working for Baltic?

Since starting with Baltic I have enjoyed been part of a forward thinking company. Baltic are a strong company and having the foresight to transition onto an OLL model is a fantastic example of this.

When I was an assessor I supported apprentices in many different companies including Sage, Northumbria Water, RSPB and various schools, charities and local authority departments. Since moving onto the training  team I deliver courses to apprentices from all our clients.

  • What’s your greatest achievement? It can be work related or personal.

When I started working for Baltic I was able to take control of a full caseload of learners and support them all till completion as well as build a caseload of my own. I was able to do this effectively and without any negative affect to the company or learners after a very short period of time. Also since moving onto the training team I am happy with the transition and with the quality of delivery. Delivering training courses online is a different challenge to classroom delivery that I am used to but I fell I have adapted very well as well as continuing to improve to ensure that all learners enjoy and get as much as possible from each session.

An interesting fact about David is:

I have a daughter called Jorja, My main hobby is football and I was the only person in my school to fail the cycling proficiency course!

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