- Team Member -

Natalie Ellwood


Natalie joined Baltic in February 2017 as a Junior Assessor, and since she joined the team her role has evolved quite a bit, after initially presenting, inducting and marking documents for learners that were assigned to other assessors, she then now has her own caseload of learners that she assists throughout their time at Baltic.

The best part of the role for Natalie is the interaction with the learners, both via webinar and face to face. Natalie received outstanding during her final teaching observations, which is something she is, very rightly, incredibly proud of.

For Natalie, the best part of working for Baltic is the support that we offer and that we, in turn, offer our learners. There is always someone willing to help and always someone happy to answer your question however silly you may think it is. Having such a strong support network is really valuable to the company and highlights how seriously we take our platform as we really do practice what we preach. We want the learners and employers to have the best experience with ourselves and we want to offer the best support possible for the learners to ensure they get the most out of their apprenticeships.

Observation Grade