About Baltic

Baltic Training were the first apprenticeship training provider to offer a completely tech-focused, tech driven training solution. This is backed up by our passionate ethos of genuine care, and our collaboration with one of the world’s largest technology training providers.

Our Vision

To champion change and to constantly look to the future. To transform the way people recruit, to change the way people learn and to positively shift the perception of apprenticeships.

Ultimately, we change lives.

Our Mission

By using technology to teach technology, we deliver flexible and dynamic learning where our audience lives most: online. But as impressive as technology is, it needs a human touch. People are more than ones and zeros and we pride ourselves on our warm, attentive approach to apprentices and employers. Changing lives is a big responsibility, we handle it with care.

Our Values

Change is good.

Baltic are champions of change. We know there are dynamic, eager, young people out there. Young people who love this fast moving world, just as much as we do. They just need to transform that passion into the skills that employers need. So that’s exactly what we help them to do. We’re such fervent supporters of change, we’ve even revolutionised our approach to teaching, moving our training out of the classroom and onto the cloud. We’re changing the way employers recruit and we’re changing the way people think about apprenticeships.

If there’s one belief that powers everything at Baltic, it’s this: change is good.

Our belief in change is the heart of our company, but it’s our people that give it soul. Despite our faith in technology, we know that changing lives isn’t something that happens at the flick of a switch. It needs a human touch and superhuman dedication.

We are dedicated, digital experts.

We live and breathe digital and we speak the language. Knowing our C# from our PHP, and the difference between a wired network and a social network, means we gain employers confidence right from the outset. As well as being digital natives, we’re also digital advocates.

Our learning is entirely driven by technology, and it is delivered where our apprentices live most: online.

When it comes to technology, we are fully immersed, fluent, focused and digitally dedicated.

We go above and beyond.

Our staff aren’t just dependable, they are heroic. They are ready to respond and always there when they’re needed. At different parts of the journey, our staff play different roles. They are guides, guardians, advisors and even rescuers.

At every step of the process, they have one thing in common: they are passionate about what they do. This is the real magic of Baltic, a perfect blend of digitally devoted expertise, innovative and modern teaching techniques and caring, passionate, people.

We care

Hiring an apprentice can seem like a daunting process. Employers wonder, “What’s the cost and what’s the catch? Who does what, and when? And how much of our time will it take up?” For apprentices, starting work is an even bigger challenge. New rules, new schedules, new people; it’s a journey into a strange and unfamiliar territory.

Even the boldest will need a few words of reassurance. So, here’s two you can rely on: We care.

Two simple words that make a world of difference. Not just to our apprentices and employers, but to the way we operate, and to who we are. We know change isn’t easy, that’s why we are with you, every step of the way.

We make people feel important, because we handle them with care.

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