Following a short inspection on the 8th and 9th November, Ofsted have rated Baltic Training as a ‘Good’ training provider.


  • Learners and apprentices receive a very good quality of training that enables them to achieve their qualification aims
  • (Baltic) use a range of high-quality technological systems to deliver training
  • A growing number of learners achieve distinction grades in the new standards-based apprenticeships
  • Baltic monitor the progress of learners identified as being at risk of leaving early, and they provide extra contact and support for these learners to help them to complete their training programmes
  • Leaders and managers have made excellent progress in improving the quality of provision for English and mathematics.  A high proportion of learners pass their .. qualifications in these subjects ..at their first attempt
  • A very high proportion of apprentices on advanced level and higher-level programmes complete their programmes successfully within the planned time
  • Assessors and employers work very well together to ensure that both on- and off-the-job training for apprentices is very well organised, managed and coordinated
  • The strong rapport between trainers, assessors and apprentices, and the individual care and support that apprentices receive, foster a positive learning environment
  • Apprentices benefit from robust and comprehensive independent information, advice and guidance…(which) prepares them well for successful progression at the end of their programme. A very large majority ..progress into full-time employment at the end of their apprenticeship
  • Managers .. enable apprentices to access…qualifications from major, well-known international companies, and this has a significant impact on

Read the full Ofsted report here