IT Apprenticeships in Manchester

Following school, many people immediately move onto further education, choosing to study at university. However, if you are in search of an alternative path which will give you practical and useful skills which could benefit you in many different roles, you may want to consider choosing an apprenticeship in IT. The IT industry is growing incredibly rapidly as digital technology is always evolving and is fast becoming a central part of our lives. By choosing an IT apprenticeship, not only can you learn about the fine details of digital technology but you also have the opportunity to put it into practise, something vital in this field.

We provide a huge range of IT apprenticeships for people aged 16-18. We do so to ensure that you can gain the skills necessary to successfully enter the job market. Working with local companies such as Greenlight Computers and ANS, we can help you to secure a career in IT. Our social media and digital marketing apprenticeship allows people to break into the fields of both IT and marketing, providing them with transferable skills in both of these fields. Our level three diploma gives learners all they need to know about the growth, impact and application of digital marketing and social media, providing them with skills for jobs from digital assistant to junior researcher. We also have apprenticeships open for IT professionals and application specialists, teaching the abilities necessary to succeed in IT. For those who wish to further enhance and hone their skills, we also offer an advanced apprenticeship in the field of software development. These can help with securing the knowledge necessary for rewarding jobs such as web developer and software developer. Potential roles include:

  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Analyst Developer
  • IT Service Manager
  • Network/Telecoms Manager

An IT apprenticeship is one of the best ways to earn the skills necessary to break into this exciting field of work. With our help, you will be delivered a world-class education delivered through a variety of means such as webinars and online learning, as well as learning in a classroom environment. When you sign up for any one of our apprenticeships, you will be taught all of the necessary skills needed to succeed in the field of IT. Whether looking to break into work as an IT clerk or broadcasting assistant or looking to master your craft as an IT project manager or a web technician, we can and will teach you the skills necessary to do so.

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