Georgina Barnes – property investors network (pin)

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

After completing my work experience back in high school and experiencing what the marketing department was like I knew from then that I wanted a job in marketing. I based my subject choices around marketing in high school and college. Going into my second year of college I started to realise that university was very expensive and it just didn’t feel like that was the best option for me. After speaking to my mentor at college I was introduced to apprenticeships. There were so many in the field I wanted to go into and not only do I learn but I get the experience at the same time whilst getting paid. I decided there and then that going down the apprenticeship route was the perfect option for me.

Please explain your role within the business and your day to day tasks/responsibilities:

I mainly take care of the social media accounts and post content that I have created on Canva. So I schedule 2-3 posts a day that I will upload at different times depending on when the social platform users are most active. I also answer any phone calls if the receptionist is busy and try and help customers out with their queries. I’m usually given small admin tasks during the week like adding people to campaigns in infusionsoft, removing people’s tags in infusionsoft etc. If there is any campaigns then my manager will let me know what posts to schedule or if I have to design anything for that particular campaign.

How have your skills improved during the course of the apprenticeship?

My organisation skills have definitely improved since I’ve started my apprenticeship. When working on campaigns I need to make sure I schedule the non paid social media posts so that everything goes out in time. Which is why I had to get organised and create a contact calendar so not only I can keep up to date with what I’m posting but the rest of the marketing team can too.

My confidence has improved the most since starting my apprenticeship, I’ve been to 2 different events so far that my company has organised and I have had to network with people. I was nervous at first but got much better as the event progressed. I also answer phone calls and answer customer queries which I was terrified to do but now it just comes naturally.

My drive and ambition has also progressed a lot. I really enjoy my apprenticeship and have been working so hard so that I can pass and move on to my level 4 in digital marketing and then hopefully stay working for property investors network. Because this is my goal it helps me stay focused and work hard because I want to achieve my goal so much.

How have your responsibilities changed since you started your apprenticeship?

My responsibilities have definitely changed. When I first started I was given small tasks but as I started to fit in and get used to the work load and my apprenticeship work my manager started given me bigger task and responsibilities that I had to take on board. I loved taking these new tasks and responsibilities on board and it made me feel more part of the marketing team because I was helping out on campaigns and looking after the companies social media pages.

Please detail your views on the quality of service/training programmes provided to you by Baltic Training:

The quality of service is amazing at Baltic. They always have your best interest at heart. When applying for my apprenticeship they gave me so much good advice and helped me so much through the interview process.

I really enjoy my training weeks, I learn so much within that one week and not only does the training help me with my exams but what I learn also helps me at work too. I definitely wouldn’t be in the job that I’m in now without Baltic so I’m very grateful of the quality of their service and how successful their training programmes are.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to other people interested in a career in Digital Marketing?

Yes, of course I would. If you’re interested in a digital marketing career then an apprenticeship in that specific field will be perfect because you get on the job training which is excellent as companies now mainly look for experience.

Do you consider yourself a woman in tech? If so, how have you overcome any challenges you may have faced?

I feel like I am quite experienced in tech just because most of the subjects and I took at high school and college were revolved around it so I definitely picked up a few tricks along the way. I haven’t come across any major challenges, except maybe human error which happens to everyone. When I first started posting I wasn’t getting much engagement on posts as I didn’t have much knowledge on analytics. But as I’ve progressed within my apprenticeship I’ve learned so much more about analytics and have checked the analytics for the social media pages that I manage which are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so I now know when the users are most active and what the ideal time is to post. After doing this my engagement increased so it was a challenge but I have now overcome it.