Harrison Sellars – Blue Grape

Tell us about the day to day responsibilities within your role.

Currently, I am working on a project for me and the rest of the team to use to keep track of the time spent on certain client’s projects, what that time was spent doing, allowing us to plan our days and keeping track of holiday days. Previously to this, I was bug fixing on one of the current projects that we have going.

What are your thoughts on the quality of service/training programmes provided to you by Baltic Training

My experience so far has been great. The tutors have all been very nice and very informative, answering any questions I have to ask. My assessor is very nice and even though I am in the process of changing because she is leaving, it has been a very painless process and my new assessor seems just a fantastic. Also, the courses I have done so far are all well taught and contain relevant information to my job as well so help me in my role.

What made you choose to pursue a career in IT?

I have always had an interest in technology and computers. Starting from the age of about 7 or 8 I would spend hours on the computer playing games and watching videos etc. I’ve always had an interest in computers and being at school and studying the subject, it helped me realise how much I did enjoy it and I started considering doing it for a career.

What was your skills set like prior to starting your apprenticeship? Did you do much IT in your spare time?

I had a fairly good knowledge of IT and software development before I started my apprenticeship, but doing the training, alongside the on the job training I receive, has really helped me improve the skills I already have and learn even more new skills.

How have your skills improved since starting your apprenticeship?

My web development skills have improved massively, as well as my overall development skills. I have gained knowledge in different ways of performing tasks and becoming more efficient. So far all of my development skills have been improved from designing the application, to creating the application and also testing the application and those have all been improved through experience which is why I chose an apprenticeship


What where your opinions on apprenticeships before starting one yourself?

Since about halfway through my GCSEs I had wanted an apprenticeship because I’d much rather learn on the job and then getting paid at the same was just a bonus. After about 13 years of school, in the end, I had had enough of the classroom environment and fancied a change and didn’t want another 3-4 years of it.