Joshua Hadabora – Handsam

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

I wanted to gain experience in the workplace and help boost my future career. Apprenticeship courses were also able to teach me very relevant skills.

Please explain your role within the business and your day to day tasks/responsibilities:

I develop new sections and fix bugs on our online web system. Every day I take a look at our bug tracker and resolve any issues, then continue work on porting any modules from our old system onto our new system.

How have your skills improved during the course of the apprenticeship?

My coding has improved massively, and I now leave more comments explaining how my code works. My interpersonal skills have also improved and I have noticed myself communicating more effectively through emails, in person and on the phone.

How have your responsibilities changed since you started your apprenticeship?

When I started, I was originally just fixing minor bugs on our old system. After a month I was taught a little bit about how the new system worked and was able to pick it up from there. I was fixing bugs on the new system until I was asked to create our training module from scratch.

Please detail your views on the quality of service/training programmes provided to you by Baltic Training:

The quality was very good. My assessor and the trainers were all very friendly and easy to communicate with. It was great to do the courses online instead of having to physically travel somewhere to achieve the same result. The material was also interesting and relevant to my job.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to other people interested in a career in Software Development?

I would. It was very easy to find the apprenticeship and the skills gained will absolutely help me in future. Being able to do the courses online makes it very accessible to anybody.

I am excited to progress to level 4 so I can further my education and gain even more valuable skills.