Matt Bulmer – Calibre

Tell us about your day to day responsibilities within your role

My day to day role is reaching out to people who I think would benefit from doing business with the company I represent, Calibre Secured Networks. I am responsible for engaging with potential customers.

What are your thoughts on the quality of service/training programmes by Baltic Training

Baltic have been great so far, I especially enjoyed having a day out with Scott Urwin as I feel being out in the field watching and learning from someone is the most productive way to learn.

What was your skills set like prior to starting your apprenticeship? Did you do much IT in your spare time?

I was always on my MacBook gaming or using various types of software to produce music etc. Other than that I didn’t have much other experience.

How have your skills improved since starting your apprenticeship?

Yes absolutely, I feel a lot more confident and have an understanding of what the company does and how to promote it.

What were your opinions on apprenticeships before becoming one yourself?

I always thought apprenticeships were a really good starting point when looking to get your foot in the door, and I have been proven right!

Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship with Baltic Training to a friend?

Yes, I absolutely would!