William, Georgie and Jack all started their journey at Mediaworks with a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. We spoke to them about life as a Mediaworker and how starting an apprenticeship has allowed them to kick-start their career.

William started his apprenticeship in July 2017. His role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice focused on working with different clients to increase their digital marketing reach. Since completing his apprenticeship, William has been offered a full time position as a Junior Planner.

Georgie began his career at Mediaworks in August 2017 with a Digital Marketing apprenticeship. While on course, he was offered a new title as Junior Copywriter. Georgie now enjoys working on a range of projects for various clients.

The latest recruit, Jack, joined Mediaworks in September 2018. His Digital Marketing Apprenticeship supports his role as an Outreacher, where he regularly communicates with publications and websites.