Naail Zafar – Desap

What made you want to do this apprenticeship?

I completed a range of different modules and workshops on my Software Development course in college based on software and technical support, so I thought maybe going into an apprenticeship will improve my skillset and increase my chances in getting a good job. I was looking into different areas, but this field really stood out to me. I thought no other field would be this perfect because IT is the way forward in today’s digital age.

It took me some time to get here but I’m glad that I am finally here now, thanks to God, Baltic training and my Mother. She’s my role model and my main reason for where I am today. Not just because of Baltic Training and my Mother but also because of the person who accepted me to become a member of the Desap team and that lovely superstar is called Deborah Hulme.

How did you find out about the job at Desap?

Baltic training emailed me the job specification and as soon as I read the company website and what they are all about, I thought I’m definitely going for this. Whether it is a fail or a success, I took the chance and I’m so glad I did.

Baltic have been amazing to me. It took up to 6 months to find my ideal apprenticeship and they supported me throughout my journey to Desap. I have a great relationship with the friendly staff and the other apprentices on my webinars. We discuss ideas and help each other with assessments and exams.

How did you find it when you first started?

I found it amazing! The first day I joined this company I knew this was the place for me and I never want to leave. I love the people here and it was a big change from previous working environments I had been exposed to where I really didn’t like it. I treat Desap as a second home and the team as my second family, so I hope to stay here and give my loyalty to the company.

There have been a lot of surprises along the way as it is my first office-based job. But the team have treated me very well, they respect you for who you are and make you feel welcome into the company.

What’s been your favourite memory so far at Desap?

Everyday stands out for me… this job and the team have changed my life. Before I started this apprenticeship, my life was in a bit of a rut but since I’ve joined the company, I have opened up and feel like a different person. The positive environment and work ethics have really helped me on my journey. I always speak highly of the team to my family and even my mother adores those guys!

How do you feel that the learning is supporting you in what you’re doing day to day?

I’ve learnt a range of methods such as automation testing and test scripts. Before, I would only stick to one method that I felt comfortable with but now I’m using a range of methods and broadening my knowledge and skills. Understanding the theory as well as putting it into practice has helped a lot.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of your apprenticeship?

I hope to have implemented everything I have learnt over this year and to achieve all my qualifications. I have one more exam and training course left to sit until I have completed my apprenticeship. I hope to pass my final exam and assessments, so I can stay and give more to this dream company.