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Apprentice of the Month – May 2017

Written on: 12th June 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Congratulations to Arron Davies-Sond from the RSPB for his continued hard work! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

Arron has been rewarded with Learner of the week for the second time last week since joining Baltic. This and his continued work with me on his personal development shows what a great asset to the RSPB he is.

As part of his work in the team Arron has taken on the Lead Engineer role for a couple of our main applications., one of which is the Finance Application which is a Tier 1 system to us. Arron has led the work to establish a Development environment for the Finance team. Previously we just had Test and Live and this meant anytime a new patch came out the team would test on Test but if something went wrong on live they would have to have the database refreshed and lose all that work. Now with 3 environments available they can isolate their testing of patches from live operations. The work to get this set up has taken many hours of work between Arron and our Supplier ABS and the Customer is delighted.

Arron is a real credit to the 2nd line team and at his recent Appraisal received a rating of Exceptional at doing his job this year as he has met all his objectives and more. He is always looking for opportunities to implement Continuous improvement actions which is exactly what you want in a proactive support team.

Melissa Werry – Application Development and Support Manager 

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, we received lots of truly fantastic nominations this month, please see below!

Callum Gill from LCR LTD

Callum has involved himself with many aspects of the business since his appointment with us.

He’s always keen to get involved and chip in with any ideas, some of which have proven to benefit some of our in house procedures.

He dedicates himself to any task set and has to be reminded frequently, to take breaks and lunch, such is his total immersion in what he is doing.

Thus far, he has been a valuable addition to the team assisting with new installations, when he will prepare new equipment and bespoke configuration of software solutions for our clients .

Callum is always cheerful and ably demonstrates that he is keen to both learn and share ideas. He has shown great competence with most technical tasks set for him.

His I.T. problem solving and practical knowledge in particular is impressive for someone of his age.

Thankyou Bob Kearns for nominating Callum

Lucy Reed from The Round House

Lucy has been an asset since the moment she started at Roundhouse Digital. She is not only willing to listen and learn, but is unafraid to question and suggest alternative ideas. Her Learner of the Week award came as no surprise to me, as she is always happy to go above and beyond, no matter the task at hand.

She is already proving that she has the potential to be an excellent digital marketer, and Lucy has been invaluable when working with a range of clients and subject matter. Her work with me on the bedroom brand Kindred has been particularly excellent, and the client is always pleased with the quality of her content, the ideas she proposes, and the receptive nature in which she understands their business challenges.

Lucy has also been at the forefront of developing links with national influencers, ensuring her research into their content style and audience is diligent, and her approach to engaging with them is always collaborative. These links will prove to be an asset for the company going forwards, and will provide a strong resource for our diverse range of clients.

I truly believe that Lucy deserves to be the Apprentice of the Month, and I am excited to work with her and help her go from strength to strength. She has taken on responsibility without fear, and quickly established herself as a trusted member of the Roundhouse Digital team. Both myself, and all the members of the group, are delighted that she is showing the qualities and capabilities that we have all seen.

Thankyou Elliot Mcgrath for nominating lucy

Richard Lowrey from Xerox

Richard has undertaken a service improvement project, on his own initiative, after identifying ineffective processes around our third party vendor creation/validation.

Using DMAIC priniciples, Richard identified the issues relating to elapsed time for this business process as well as highlighting areas of risk. Richard mapped the existing process and engaged with senior management and stakeholders for authority to proceed in improving this area.

Richard has devised a process, using existing technology tools, to automate this process and provide full visibility and auditability of this area.

This improvement will provide the whole business with a streamlined way of working, increase efficiency and reduce time for implementation. On top of adhering to and enhancing our ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditations.

Thankyou Michelle Taylor for nominating Richard

Sophie Bostock from Aspire-Computers LTD

We would like to nominate Sophy for Apprentice of the Month because she has made an excellent start with Baltic Training. She has aced her first assessments and received some extremely positive feedback from trainers.

When Sophy started with us 18 months ago she was quiet, shy and inexperienced.  She did possess a steely determination and a strong drive to learn and complete all tasks as quickly and accurately as possible though.  As she progresses it’s fantastic to see her confidence and abilities grow.  She’s now confident enough to attend client meetings on her own and deal with a massive array of regular technical problems on a regular basis.

Sophy diligently gets on with her workload with minimal direction.  She’s able to manage and prioritise tasks herself and never gives up until a problem is solved.  She brings positivity and a quirky sense of humour into the office, and she’s always a pleasure to work with.

This is the 2nd apprenticeship qualification Sophy has undertaken with us.  She aced the first one and received a distinction.  We felt that the awarding institution was backward in applauding her achievements and are therefore now extremely keen to give her the recognition she deserves for all her hard work.

We can’t wait to see what she achieves next!

Thankyou Roz healey for nominating Sophie

Benjamin Coleman from RCDTS

I would like to nominate Ben for Apprentice of the Month as I am continually impressed with his work ethic. He is managing the work balance of his day to day role and apprentice courses with ease and has yet to let either impact the other. Ben has been awarded apprentice of the week a number of times so I thought it was only right to nominate him for the monthly award.  I have seen feedback from the apprentice facilitators and the course trainers that state how Ben has great time keeping skills, openly asks questions and has a lot of input into the courses. I therefore think he should be rewarded for all his efforts.

Thankyou Sammie nagington for nominating Ben