Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Level 3: A Closer Look

Written on: 6th April 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie

We understand that it can be daunting starting a new course if you don’t fully understand what it involves, especially when it’s as technical as IT and the program outlines are full of jargon. How can I possibly do the course if I don’t even understand the program outlines? Don’t worry, here at Baltic we understand that people are more than ones and zeros, and we want to ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to begin your exciting journey into the fastest growing industry in the UK.

We don’t want you to get bogged down by course numbers or qualification titles, we want you to know what you will be taught and how this is applied to your role going forward, so let’s take a closer look at our Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing course.

Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing   

Our level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing program is a 12-month program consisting of 5-7 weeks of training delivered via Online Live and two one-day workshops. Our workshops are delivered from your closest training location, information on which will be given to you during the application process. These training courses cover various subjects and are broken up into different topics. An example of these can be seen below.

Principles of Social Media within a Business & Social Networking Management for a Business

This one-week module will teach you the basics of understanding how social media fits in with the objectives or marketing tactics of a business and how to implement these tools, and how to monitor return on investment. You will also learn how social media policy and guidelines can impact a business, as well as be able to evaluate and use external social networking and management tools. Another important topic covered is understanding how to classify the social networking audience of a business and also learn how to carry out a risk analysis and create a digital crisis management plan in relation to social networking.

Content Management System Website Creation & Imaging Software

This one-week module will train you to be able to create a plan for the components of a content management system website (CMS) and be able to use CMS software to create a website. You will also understand how to make a website accessible and implement social media and sharing links. You will then learn how to measure and improve the return on investment of a website. Another key topic of this course is learning how to obtain, insert & combine information for images and use imaging software tools to create, manipulate and edit those images.

Digital and Social Media in Marketing Campaigns & Communicating Using Digital Marketing Channels

This module is divided into a one-day workshop and three-day online webinar. You will understand the planning requirements for the use of social and digital media; including for a specific message, audience or recipients and use social media to market good or services to target customers. You will also learn to check that the digital message can be accessed and/or delivered and be able to monitor and evaluate the response to digital activity and take any corrective action.

Principles of Key Words and Optimisation & Creating and Optimising Content for the Web

This one-week module will give you the ability to understand and plan the implementation of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and understand and plan the implementation of social media optimisation and mobile optimisation. This module will also train you to create, analyse and optimise online profiles, blogs, micro-blogs and e-articles for a business. You will learn to write content for the web for a business and incorporate media and rich-media and understand the impact of plagiarism, intellectual property rights and copyright law in relation to content on the web.

Collaborative Technologies

This one-day workshop will train you to be able to work in a safe and secure manner when using collaborative technologies and plan and set up IT tools and devices in order to prepare the use of collaborative working tools. You will then be able to use these tools to manage tasks.

What qualifications will I receive?

Upon completion of our Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship program you will receive the following qualification:

  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Social Media and Digital Marketing

You may also be required to complete functional skills throughout your course should you require it. This will be communicated with you upon receipt of your current qualifications, and upon completion this will earn you Level 2 Functional Skills (Literacy, Numeracy and ICT)

What jobs could I get?

When you complete your apprenticeship, the world really is your oyster and thanks to your new qualifications and workplace experience, you could go into one of the below roles:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Marketing Executive
  • Digital Assistant

After you have completed your Level 3 you could always progress onto our Level 4 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship program, this is equivalent to a Foundation Degree!

If you want to become an apprentice then Baltic are here to help you all the way. Browse apprenticeship vacancies in your area now!