28th February 2017

How To Be A Pro In The Workplace

When it comes to starting your first full-time job or starting a new role, it can be daunting. It’s completely understandable and remember, we have all been there! There is so much to think about and remember, and the more you think about it, the more there seems to be that you just don’t know, and it’s a scary situation to be in.

Even if you have been in work before, the nature of our apprenticeships mean that you may be faced with the office environment for the first time and this can be scary.

How do you act? What’s the right way to present yourself? What is the dress code?

At Baltic, it is our job to educate our learners on the best ways to become a pro in the workplace and kick start your career.

The first impression makes a lasting impression.

It is crucial that you make a lasting first impression and make sure it’s a good one at that. This is how the employer will remember you from your interview and may be the difference between being offered the position or not. Turning up early for your appointment, being well dressed (smart shirt, trousers and a tie for the lads and a smart dress or trousers and a blouse for the girls) being positive, polite and asking relevant, well-researched questions can take you far. The most important thing, however, is to always be yourself. Do not try and come across like somebody else because you feel this looks better. Remember, if you do get offered the job, our apprenticeship programmes are 12 months long.  That is a long time to pretend to be somebody you are not. Plus, the interviewer will see right through it.

Take that first impression and make it last.

So you have passed the interviews and been offered the job. First of all, congratulations! Now is the time to start thinking about your first day in your new role and this is where in some cases, the happiness can turn to fear. You have passed the first test, the interview, but now it is time to start your new role. New role, new routine, new life? It can seem incredibly daunting but remember, be yourself.  You will be working with these people for at least 12 months so following our top tips for making a good lasting impression will put you on the road to success.

Top tips for success

Be Punctual – Make sure you arrive in work early so you can get set up and get ready to start working on time. If you get public transport (e.g. a bus, train or a tube) into work, ensure you allow plenty of time for your journey and plan ahead. If you know that your bus service can be unreliable and you could be cutting it fine on a morning, plan to get an earlier bus. Are 20 minutes extra in bed worth possibly losing your new role and apprenticeship over?

Attendance – Every business has a lateness and absence procedure. It is up to you to comply with this at all times and understand what is acceptable and what is not. For example, text messages and emails are not acceptable when contacting your employer about absence or lateness. A phone call is the only acceptable method when communicating this. If you are in any way unsure about the procedure, speak with your manager and they will be able to run through this with you. There will also be a correct procedure for booking time off, this will also be outlined for you in your introduction to the business.

Attitude – You could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg in terms of your knowledge and skill, but if you have a bad attitude when it comes to your work, others will simply not want to work with you. When joining a business as a junior member of the team, it is crucial that your fantastic attitude and your willingness to get stuck in shines through at all times. We all have bad days, we are all human, but it is vital that you leave those problems at the door. This ability amongst others will turn you into a fantastic apprentice and somebody people love to work with.

If you are ready to start your apprenticeship journey and kick start your career in IT then find out more about digital apprenticeships, and when you’re ready to apply find the latest apprenticeship vacancies in your area.

Written on: 28th February 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie