Learner Of The Week – May 2017

Written on: 19th May 2017
Written by:Baltic

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 08/05/2017

Jordan Lord from Sage – Jordan has been excellent this week. He has been a real pleasure to have on course and I honestly believe the course wouldn’t of went as well as it did if he wasn’t on. He was very active In both text and voice chat always coming up with very useful things for both me and the learners. I, myself, have learned a lot form Jordan this week and have learned a lot of stuff that will 100% help me on future courses. He is an incredibly smart lad who has expert knowledge on Linux and Vim editor. He produced some excellent projects during the week and his assignment was no exception. Again a real pleasure to have on course!

Kyran lenagham from Total Solutions LTD/Green City Solutions – .Kyrans attitude impressed me this week, he interacted well both over the mic and in chat and was keen to participate.

Sophy Bostock from Aspire Computers LTD – Sophy was fab! She encourages others, motivates the group and adds meaningful answers to many discussions. An absolute pleasure to teach!.

Richard Lowrey from Xerox – Richard is a very talented learner he has produced excellent coursework helped other learners & made a fantastic contribution to the webinar.

Benjamin Coleman from Capgemini – My learner of the week Benjamin has been on time, polite and helpful with the me and the other learners. He was always asking class questions and used his Microphone.

Jordan Knowles from Fat Media – Jordan was very keen to speak on mic and produced very good work. He was friendly, mature and seemed to enjoy contributing verbally!

Thomas Isherwood from Structured Networks – Thomas is always a pleasure to have on course, he not only creates a good atmosphere but also produces good work. Well done!

Jonathan Ingall from Mondago –  Extremely helpful  at all times, and submitted highest quality work.

Liam Goor from Concorde IT Group – Had the odd expletive this week but more than made up for it with some excellent help for both me and his peers. Technically able and a humorous person to have around the sessions. Great effort Liam!

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Written on: 19th May 2017
Written by:Baltic