Written on: 17th February 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 06/02/2017

Hollie Townsend from Chopsticks – This week was Hollie’s first session but she fit in perfectly, working well throughout the group activities and also completing her assessment to a high standard. A fantastic start to her apprenticeship.

Ian Nunnally from Adao Design – Such a great first week for Ian. He brings his personality to the course, is friendly and hard working. He was a strong learner in all aspects and submitted a fantastic assignment. One stand out factor is how he encourages his peers, celebrating when they’ve done something well and supporting when they need guidance. He is an absolute credit to his employer.

Jaden Walker from Oasis Academy – Jaden produced some really good work during the week and answered a lot of questions, particularly in the Networking part of the course. A great effort all week.

Matthew Glancy from Canddi – Matthew is an excellent learner all round. He talked well and knowledgeably from experience about Scrum and Test-driven development, unit testing and so on. He produced excellent quality work.

Tabish Dayaji from Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Tabish comes across as a very professional and eager young man. He acknowledged that networking was not his strong point but he seemed to learn and take on board the large amounts of information needed. His assignment is excellent, very well written and explained. Good work!

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Written on: 17th February 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie