Baltic Update – New Curriculum Development

Written on: 16th February 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Anyone who has been keeping up with news on apprenticeships over recent years will be familiar with the term ‘trailblazers’.  A trailblazer is a group of employers that have come together to develop the standards set for the new apprenticeship standards.  These new standards are designed to meet the needs of learners, employers and training providers, in particular with a view to ensuring the qualifications are modern, relevant and engaging.

In the coming months Baltic Training will be in a position to offer a number of new apprenticeships based on these standards, the aim of this article is to take you through how we, as a business, develop these into courses that enable our apprentices to learn and improve.

Step 1: Resource Allocation

We look through the make-up of the qualification (known as units) and try and map each unit to a trainer with the most relevant experience in that area.  This trainer will then be put in charge of the design and development of that particular unit.

Step 2: Resource creation

The assigned trainer will be issued all of the documentation from the exam board around that particular unit.  This is normally a list of topics and standards that should be covered by the course.  The trainer would then begin creating lessons, activities and resources that will make up the week long course to be delivered to the apprentices.

Step 3: Quality Checking

All work produced will be quality checked by the Curriculum Development team and the head of training and assessment to ensure that the standards have been met, and that the course designed for the learners will be informative, fun and engaging.

Step 4: Assessment Preparation

One of the major changes of the new apprenticeship standards, and major challenges to us as a training provider is the move away from course based assignments to end of unit assessments.  To ensure that our learners have the best chance of success a pool of useful resources and activities are being created for each course.  These will range from practice papers to revision video content and will be accessibly from anywhere using our online resourcing.

What’s Next?

We are currently at around step 3 for most of the units that will make up our offerings at levels 3 and 4.  We are extremely excited to begin training our apprentices on the new courses when we begin to deliver them.

Michael Carrick – Curriculum Development Lead at Baltic Training

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Written on: 16th February 2017
Written by:Amanda McCombie