You’ve recruited your apprentice, what’s next?

Written on: 3rd August 2017
Written by:Baltic

When you picture an apprentice, you may imagine a young school leaver making the tea and coffee rounds for the office each day, but this is far from the truth. Your apprentice is on their way to becoming an invaluable member of your team: they just need your guidance. Apprentices are in the process of learning, and your business is their starting point! It’s up to you to provide them with the building blocks for their future.

But how?

Firstly, you need to recognise that an apprentice is an investment in the future. This is your apprentice’s starting point, right now they are still accumulating the foundation of knowledge that all their future skills are going to be based upon. The ultimate payoff for your investment will come later, once your apprentice’s skills have been fully established, and you can reap the rewards. Although, that’s not to say that hiring an apprentice does not have immediate benefits: a recent report from the Education and Skills Funding Agency 2017, found that 76% of employers found productivity has improved since hiring an apprentice.

Where does your apprentice fit into your business?

Remember when you were hiring your apprentice, and you identified your current business needs to move to the next level? It’s time to address those needs! It’s important to fill the growing demands of digital world: the 2017 Tech Nation report found that 50% companies struggle to find highly skilled workers in technological fields. Your apprentice is here to fill the gaps in your business’ current knowledge to drive your business growth in the long run. Once you’ve identified your company’s need, then your apprentice should be a natural fit in your team.

Develop an action plan together

It is important that you work together with your apprentice so you can oversee their growing development with your company. Creating a plan will allow you to monitor their progress, gradually increase their responsibilities and their workload. It is ineffective to you, and your apprentice, to randomly assign tasks without considering how to grow their knowledge and understanding.

Remember, your apprentice is only just starting their journey with your company, so don’t overwhelm them with tasks – slowly build up the workload as your apprentice becomes more skilled in the workplace.

Grow together

Now, we’ve given you some tips on how to utilise your apprentice; we hope you will grow together, and move into the digital world with us!

Written on: 3rd August 2017
Written by:Baltic