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Learners of the week – July

Written on: 20th July 2018
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 02/07/2018

Sophy Bostock From Aspire Computers Ltd

The quality of Sophy’s work was as brilliant as ever this week. She hold herself to incredibly high standards, and it’s always a pleasure to look through her written work and see the examples she includes. She clearly understands the role of a digital marketer and what it involves.

Matthew Hardy From Sage

Excellent work. Early every morning and keen to contribute. Happy to provide answers and ask questions.

Harvey Smith From Crown Oil

Harvey has been a very good learner this week, he has done really well in his daily tests and is always engaged and talking through the chat box. I have been very impressed with his workbook too. Harvey also has done great in his mocks and that is why he my learner of the week.

Bradley Johnson From Utility Exchange Online Limited TA Switch My Business

Bradly attended the whole week. He sent wok on time and kept to deadlines which makes him the learner of the week

Isaac Bowers-Barnard From Aviva

He went above and beyond this week with helping others and trying to cement his own learning

Week Commencing 09/07/2018

Daniel Clement From Smart IT Ltd

Daniel has been a pleasure to teach this week, he always made sure he understood things and gave great answers the questions I was asking, he also performed well in his daily tests and mock exams. This is why he is my learner of the week this week.

Connor Burton From ComputaCenter UK

Connor has been absolutely brilliant this week, an extremely clever software developer. Connor has taken every task I have given him and completed it in less time that given and always to a very high standard.

Joshua Walton From IT SOL Managed Services

Josh performed very well this week, he was involved in all sessions and worked hard producing some good as well as scoring very well in all the mock exams. Well done Josh.

Jennifer Ellis From Aviva

Jenni was a delight to teach, she continually pushed forward her knowledge and made a good contribution to the class.

Week Commencing 30/07/2018

Jordan Harrison From Lowes Group

Jordan was fantastic this week, he got involved in the chat and also showed his knowledge during discussions. It is clear that Jordan has great knowledge in this subject area, it showed in his final assignment. As we had a small group this week, it was imperative that Jordan contributed in the chat and during the sessions, he did that very well which was great to see. Jordan jumped on the mic to deliver a few research tasks and showed a “mentor” type role in the week which was one of my aims. After looking at Jordan’s work, he has showed a great understanding and would meet distinction criteria if linked with the C&G framework. I saw great progress in Jordan this week from my last delivery with him, and that is why he is my learner of the week. Well done Jordan!

Sophy Bostock From Aspire

This was Sophy’s last week with us and again she completed the work to an exemplary standard. I’ve been consistently impressed with her attitude, as well as her ability to apply the experience she’s gained in her employment to the assessments. She’ll be missed, but I know she’ll go on to do fantastic things in the future.

Melissa Simons From VeeLogic

Melissa as always has been excellent. Always active during discussions and speaking about the work, as always she is a pleasure to have on course and a learner I will miss having on my courses.

Jennifer Wilson From ComputaCentre

Jenny has been a wonderful candidate this week, she really seems to have enjoyed the course. Jenny has done well in her daily tests and would always join in when I asked questions. She also did fantastic in her mock test and this is why she is my learner of the week.

William Rich From Simitive

Very helpful. Wrote an excellent app using PHP/Symphony.Also provisioned a server for Matthew to allow Matt’s laravel project to run.

Ross Macdonald From RSPB

Ross added many valuable contributions during the course of the week. Very polite and focused.He was encouraging of other members of the group also.

Paul Connell From Scotland Learners

Paul’s work is of an extremely high standard and his contributions in class have been interesting and insightful.

Alex Hinton From Serco

Alex did well this week. He worked hard, listened to advice and improved his knowledge and results in the mocks throughout the week.

Aliyah Moussa From Aviva

Has taken an active role in the course this week, has been proactive in feedback and scored very well in the daily and mock tests. As such she I my learner of the week well done.