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Learners of the Week – May

Written on: 8th June 2018
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 21/05/2018

Sophy Bostock from Aspire Computers Ltd

Sophy had another fantastic week on her course. Despite being on annual leave for the final day she worked hard to ensure she had everything completed before leaving, and I’m really happy with the quality of what she produced. She used the experience she has gained on employment to produce two fantastic websites, and carried out her user experience testing particularly well.

Patrick Cowperthwaite from BEC Systems Ltd

Patrick is an exceptional programmer. He was willing to help his fellow learners throughout the week and produced a fantastic assignment. Well done!

Jack Desmond from Hall Cross Academy Trust

Excellent attitude and work ethic throughout, remained engaged and active in chat all week asking questions and putting extra effort into his work.

Nathan Wintle from The Clinical Trial Company

Nathan has been brill this week. His work has been of a very high standard and he has been proactively supporting others in the group.

Keely Madgin from Baltic Training

Keely has worked hard this week. She has fully taken part in the activities and has produced some excellent daily test results given that this in not her field of expertise, well done Keely.

Harry Sellars from Razorblue Ltd

Happy chap who was always available for a comment and helped the sessions ot move on if things got a little slow here and there. Good for the week and some great insight at work too!

Kieran Parkin from ITC Service Ltd

Excellent contributor, fast worker. Great answers on the worksheet. Independent research. Quick work in VS – he had done VB previously

Jay Scone from Nexus People

Worked well. A little unconfident at first, but seemed to gain knowledge through the week. Test results constantly improved.

Holly Dawson from Salecycle Ltd

Holly yet again for a pleasure to teach each and every day, her quality of work was outstanding as was her interaction in the chat. Holly was involved on the microphone and was very dedicated each and every day. Holly is a huge credit to her company and is going to go far in this industry. There was a very high calibre of learners this week, however for me Holly stood out the most and was an absolute star. Holly is my learner of the week.

Week Commencing 14/05/2018

Aliyah Moussa from Aviva

Aliyah had a very good week, it was a pleasure to have her on the course, she worked hard producing some very good work and always willing to ask questions. She also scored well in all her daily tests and mock exam.

Rachael Tranter from QBS Software Ltd

I was very impressed with Rachael’s attitude and application this week, in particular how well she completed her workbook. She adapted the format so that it made more sense to her, showing a lot of initiative to make sure she’s able to use it appropriately for revision. She also delivered a great sales pitch presentation using Prezi – which isn’t an easy thing to do!

Connor Burton from ComputaCenter UK

Connor has been excellent. He always completes tasks within the given time and always completes them to an excellent standard sometimes even going further than asked to complete the task. He has shown he has excellent knowledge and ability in query scripting and i have enjoyed having him on course

Luke Smith from Akita Systems Ltd

Luke is my learner of the week. Not only has he been active, proactive, he has made a supporting effort with the other learners this week offering advice and guidence where he could, well done.

Paige Brittain from Perry Process

Paige has worked so hard this week. She encourages others in the group, gets involved in chats, games and discussions. Her work has been excellent and she has done extremely well in the mock exams. She’s never late and always asks hen she’s stuck. Great week Paige!

Liam Kelk from Pinnula Ltd

Liam has interacted well with the group. Has got involved in all the activities and produced top quality work.

Jack Mountford from ITD Software Ltd

An absolute pleasure to teach each and every day, I was very impressed with Jack. To say Jack doesn’t really work with code is a huge credit to himself as he was brilliant every day. Jack asked questions if required in the chat and allowed us to talk through the code and to go through how / why it will work. Jack’s attitude was brilliant as was his assignment / website at the end of the week. Jack is going to go far in this industry and he is a huge credit to his company. There was a high calibre of learners this week, however, for me Jack stood out and is my learner of the week.

Jessica Hoang from Crowd Property

Learner of the week. She kept conversations flowing and acted as team leader on a number of occasions within the group activities. Well done!

Cordelia Cole from Venom IT

Consistently excellent answers and contributions & on the ball throughout. Took well to all topics.

Lee Sutton from Aviva

He went above and beyond for this course, really pushing himself. A true star learner


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