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Learners of the Week – April

Written on: 9th March 2018
Written by:Baltic

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 30/04/2018

Matthew Walker from NewGen IT Services

Great pass after some pleasing work this week. I’m sure you’ll agree that a little more mic next time will help to make a difficult week pass much more comfortably.

Jack Elliott from William Hare Group Ltd

Jack has been the most proactive member of the class week. He used the microphone from day one and attempted to answer almost every question asked and as such is my learner of the week, well done.

Caitlin Yelland from Sage

Produced thoughtful, detailed work to an excellent standard. Contributed verbally well. Insightful comments and seemed very keen to learn and contribute

Emily Wade from Birmingham Sport and Physical Activity Trust

Emily has been a great member of the group this week, she has encouraged others, worked hard and been an absolute delight! Credit to her employer.

James White from Kizko

James was a joy to teach throughout the course. He interacted using both the mic and chat functions of the webinar regularly and produced excellent work. He was consistently among the highest scorers in testing and produced an outstanding mock exam result. Well done James.

Jordan Willis from SBK Computers - May 12

Interacted throughout all of the daily questions, crosswords and group mock exam showing a genuine interest, all activities completed within the specified time.

Hiro Tajima from Ontap Group

Hiro was a standout performer this week and was a pleasure to teach each and every day. Hiro was punctual, dedicated and got involved in the chat at every opportunity. Hiro is a huge credit to his company and he is going to go very far in this industry. This was the first time of delivering to Hiro and I was very impressed, he is a credit to his company and I am confident for when he sits the HTMl5 exam. There was a high calibre of learners this week, however for me Hiro is my learner of the week.

Mukund Chohan from ComputaCenter UK

Muckund was the most active learner on the course, always willing to ask questions and for support. Muckund certainly worked hard and took my advice on board. He also stayed back each day to conduct further revision and he seemed to really appreciate the extra support and advice. Mukund clearly worked very hard throughout the week and benefited from the sessions as he managed to achieve a good score in the final exam.

Liam Wade from Get Your Mobi Ltd

Liam has been absolutely excellent this week. He has produced some great work throughout the week always giving his best to all tasks and completing them to his best ability. He has been active throughout the week on both mic and chat and as always he has been a pleasure to have on course.

Patrick Cowperthwaite from BEC Systems Ltd

Patrick was always on time throughout the week. He took part in all activities. Patrick produced some really good pieces of work.

Jack Nellist from Little Touches

Jack applied himself really well to the webinar this week, and scored very highly in the mock exams too. He clearly has a great knowledge of his subject area. He was also happy to act on the feedback I gave him to improve his work.


Week Commencing 23/04/2018

William Richardson from Open Network Services

Will performed very well this week, he was always active in the session by use of the chat box and achieved a fantastic score on the final mock exam showing he had worked hard and taken the advice on board.

Amanda Beales from Glasdon UK Ltd

As voted for by her peers, Amanda worked extremely hard and this has been reflected in her mock exam results! Well done Amanda!

Shelby Cooper from Baltic Training Services

Shelby was an absolute star each and every day, I was thoroughly impressed with her. Shelby got involved with discussions, was punctual and was a pleasure to teach. It was clear that Shelby was making notes during the week and I also saw an improvement of knowledge each and every day which is a huge credit to her. Shelby is going to go very far with the skills he has shown this week, she took notes, asked questions and was involved in discussions – she is a credit to the business. Shelby jumped on the microphone during the group task and also provided great research skills. There was a very high calibre of students this week, however for me Shelby was a stand out performer and my learner of the week.

James Barker from Mi IT Guy Ltd

James has been absolutely excellent all week. An extremely nice lad who is always willing to give it his best to complete the work to the best of his ability. It has been a pleasure having James on course as he is always active in both mic and chat functions and is always willing to work as hard as possible to get tasks done. I look forward to my next course with James.

Alex Luke Smith from Welland Marketing Ltd

Fantastic input in discussions, especially on PHP and SQL – it’s clear Alex really knows his stuff. “Textbook” quality answers and many excellent verbal contributions to the class. Learner of the Week.

Richie Sunasky from ComputaCenter UK

Richie has been very proactive this week in both individual and group activities, he has consistently scored well in the daily testing, and as such he is my learner of the week. Well done Richie.

Luke Smith from Akita Systems Ltd

Ace person to have around and a credit to him for helping other with respect to websites and useful tips throughout the week! Thank you!


Week Commencing 16/04/2018

Sophy Bostock from Aspire Computers Ltd

I was really impressed with Sophy’s attitude towards her studies this week. She completed her assessment really well, strived to improve her work at every opportunity, and planned out a fantastic-looking project to boot. Great work all round.

Callum Seymour from HCS Remora Limited

Callum has fully taken part in the group and individual activities this week. In addition Callum has been very proactive with regard to revision activities, seeking my advice on how to approach the exam. He sourced some revision material and shared this with the group and as such he is my learner of the week well done.

Daniel Clement from Smart IT Ltd

Carried out each activity within the specified time and took part in practice ITIL exams, quizzes and crosswords. Daniel completed the workbook in a good amount of detail, explaining many of the definitions in his own words. Superb results on the mock exams also.

Paige Teesdale from Baltic Training Services

Excellent work from Paige, creating probably the most detailed and best workbook of the week. Paige also got involved in all sessions and was an excellent source of examples all week. Paige delivered an outstanding session when creating a sales pitch.

Nyle Kelk from Appstation Ltd

Keen contributor to chat, always on topic, helped Dan with PHP too – outstanding quality of work.

Nicholas Webber from AMX Solutions

Worked well and contributed frequently. Used mic to good effect. Happy to ask questions whenever he wanted points clarifying.

Nikita Anand from Virtual College

Nikita was an outstanding learner this week. She completed all tasks set and the standard of her writing was exceptional.

James Cox from Aviva

James has consistently put in the effort for this course and going above and beyond.

Anna Stefanska-Picilli from Serco

Anna was fantastic this week, she scored well in all the daily tests as well as producing some excellent work in her revision booklet. Her maturity shone through and I was very happy with her mock result as well.

David Weston from Digital Information Services Leeds City Council

Informative and always available to link classroom work with his own place of work. Contributions were well received and he’s been a credit to this group all week!

Harry Sellars from Razorblue Ltd

Harry has been great on course this week, he always answered questions and got involved. Harry also did well with work and revision and this showed with the amazing score he achieved. Well done!

Week Commencing 09/04/2018

Matthew Ross from Unipres UK

Powered through each task and from initial assessment has went into more depth and detail than is required.

John Balderstone from TPCS

John has worked very hard this week and always got involved throughout the week in all sessions and activities. John also consistently scored very well in his daily tests and in the final mock exam. Well done John

Dani Gordon from Go Ahead

Daniel was happy to contribute verbally and produced excellent work. He produced excellent work and contributed well.

Megan Meade from Baltic Training Services

Megan was the leader of the group for the majority. Working hard, adding meaningful discussion points and encouraging other learners. Great week for her!

Callum Gill from LCR LTD

Callum was active in group and individual Q&A Callum was proactive and would provide links to useful sources of information, and happy to bring his personal experience into group discussions and is such my learner of the week well done.

Paige Britton from Perry Process

Paige was a stand out performer and a pleasure to teach each and every day! She got involved with discussions, produced outstanding work and presented a brilliant marketing plan. Paige is a huge credit to her company and will go very far in this industry. There was a very high caliber of learners this week, however for me Paige is my learner of the week.

Connor Massey from ForFusion

Connor has worked very well this week, he was always answering questions; Connor also performed very well on the daily tests and mock.

Joseph Mason from Hill House School

Work completed earlier than others and was of a very high standard. Joseph’s work was excellent all week along.


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Written on: 9th March 2018
Written by:Baltic