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Learners of the Week – March

Written on: 9th March 2018
Written by:Megan Meade

Each week our trainers will pick their Learner of the Week. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the apprentices that put in hard work during work and on training.

Week Commencing 05/03/2018

Guy Marshall from The Hayfield School

Excellent work. Detailed revision notes. Seemed a little unsure about some concepts at the beginning of the week but obviously learned as the week went on. Appreciative of learning new stuff!

Courtney Brown from Verilan

Courtney has taken a full role in the group this week answering group and individual questions, Courtney has produced and excellent revision guide. She also has consistantly passed daily tests and as such is my learner of the week well done.

Kieran Rogers from Agility Software Ltd

Kieran has been an absolute pleasure to have on course this week, I have enjoyed having him on my sessions. The work he has produced all week has been fantastic and his knowledge is very strong.

Macauley Chapman from Lancaster Holdings Ltd

I was really impressed with the quality of Macauley’s work during this week’s training. Not only did he contribute effectively to group discussions, his written work was completed to a very high standard. A great week.

Richie Sunasky from ComputaCenter UK

Richie had a very good week on this course, his scores on the daily tests were consistently good and he achieved the highest score on the final mock exam. Richie was also confident enough to talk on the mic as well as been involved in every aspect of the course. it was a please to have Richie on one of my courses again.

Cordelia Cole from Venom IT

Cordelia has work really well this week, always one of the first to answer questions and it was evident that Cordelia was determined to do well in the mock. Cordelia produced a great score on the final mock, only getting three incorrect. Well done!

Emily Wade from Birmingham Sport and Physical Activity Trust

Emily was an absolute star each and everyday, she was dedicated, inquisitive, punctual and produced great work! I was very impressed with Emily’s drive and passion for marketing and constantly wanting to learn. Emily stayed back in sessions to ask questions about the industry and continued to ask questions which is a great trait to have. Emily will get very far in this industry and is a credit to her company – Emily is my learner of the week.

Aaron Wharton from Gradus Ltd

Aaron has worked very well this week, his work has been of an excellent standard and he has provided some insightful contributions to the group activities.

Harry Cutter from PX Limited

Applied himself throughout course and made excellent use of trainer. Good at asking questions and listening.

Aaron Robinson from Jepson & Co Ltd

For someone who hasn’t seen much of the OS server side, Aaron did very well indeed, asking/answering the right questions at the right time and gaining insight to ‘another world’ of IT. Glad he enjoyed it!

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Written on: 9th March 2018
Written by:Megan Meade