Baltic’s Random Act of Kindness

At Baltic, we believe it’s important to celebrate the big things in life, but it’s equally important to celebrate the small successes too! That’s why we have our Learners of the Week, and Apprentice of the Month – to recognise fantastic achievements.

All of our apprenticeship employers are incredibly special; we love to showcase how their businesses are impacting the world around them.

That’s why we’re launching our Random Act of Kindness Scheme.

The employers we work with make a positive impact on their apprentices every day; that’s why each month we’re going to be randomly picking an employer to receive a gift from Baltic.

How do you enter? Take on an apprentice with Baltic Training!

Our selection will be completely random; everyone has the same chance of winning a surprise! We’ll be mixing up what will be sent out each month, so you’ll never know what you’re going to get.

Each month, we’ll draw our winner on our social media channels: including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

So, keep up to date with our channels to find out whether you’re this month’s winner!