With their talent and your guidance, anything is possible. Grow your own talent, hire an apprentice.

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Recruit an Apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice can seem like a daunting process. Employers wonder, “What’s the cost and what’s the catch? Who does what, and when? And how much of our time will it take up?” For apprentices, starting work is an even bigger challenge. New rules, new schedules, new people; it’s a journey into a strange and unfamiliar territory.

Recruit an apprentice

The Levy

Our guide explains how the apprenticeship levy will work and what it means to you. Who pays? How much? How is it collected? What can it be used for and how do you claim it back?

Our Programmes

Our unique, flexible and innovative approach to training sets us apart from all providers, and we’re dedicated to meeting the ever changing needs of the digital industry.

Train Your Staff

Training your staff has many advantages; it not only improves performance and productivity but also ensures your staff feel supported and valued within their roles.

Procurement Policy

As outlined in the 2020 Vision document, the government has committed to increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships in England to three million starts over the next five years.

Built on Referrals

We are committed to changing lives, helping apprentices and employers to “Be the Future”. We believe that the greatest compliment a client can provide is to recommend our services to someone they know and care for.

Apprenticeship Standards

Traditional frameworks are gradually being replaced by New Apprenticeship Standards – created by employers to provide apprentices with a greater level of workplace skills than ever before.