Software Developer

This apprenticeship provides the fundamental skills and knowledge of software development and coding. By designing and testing code the apprentice will understand concepts and theories that are used in the industry before utilising these skills across a range of languages and paradigms. The apprenticeship focuses on UNIX shell scripting, C# and SQL, working on Object Oriented, Event Driven and Database programming skills. In addition they will learn the invaluable skill of supporting customers in a range of scenarios.

This programme is at Level 3.

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Job Roles:

This apprenticeship will help you fill roles such as:

  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Applications Developer
  • Junior C# Developer
  • Junior.NET Developer
  • Junior Front End Developer
Course Content:

The modules your apprentice will complete as part of this apprenticeship are:

  • Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles
  • Software Testing and Software Design
  • Unix Fundamentals
  • Event-driven Programming using Visual Basic.NET
  • Object-oriented Programming C#
  • SQL
  • Customer Support Provision

The training is delivered using a variety of methods, including Onlive Live, workshops and self study. Apprentice’s will receive monthly contact through our virtual assessing.The assessor will carry out a full progress review every 8 weeks and a feedback action plan every 8 weeks, meaning the types of contact will alternate through the programme. Courses will run typically every 5-8 weeks, and the order of the modules can be subject to change.

There are also 2 workshops which are 1 day each, these will be carried out via Online Live at months 4 and 9.

Duration: 12 Months | Training 6 Weeks
Training Method: Online Live and Workshops

Baltic Training do not deliver training in isolation. In addition to the experience gained through meaningful employment the apprentice will develop key business skills which will strengthen their employability within any chosen path.

There are various grants available to cover additional training costs such as the AGE Grant.