Assistive Partner

What does a day look like for one of your apprentices at Assistive Partner?

We recognise that our role as an employer is to prepare the apprentice for their full-time positions upon completing their training and to facilitate and support the qualification process. For this reason, they attend, contribute and have access to the same technical resource as our experienced, qualified workforce which really makes them part of the team. They currently work on new development projects, and this is supported by their supervisors.

Why apprenticeships? What made you go down this route when looking to recruit?

The primary vacancy arose as a result of maternity leave of an experienced, capable software developer and we were approached by Baltic at just the right moment. We realised this was an opportunity to “grow our own talent” and ensure cover for the maternity leave simultaneously.

Have you had any engagement with apprentices before?

This instance was our first time engaging with apprentices and we would not hesitate to recommend Baltic.  From the beginning, their representative took time to understand our ambitions and our unique company culture. We had excellent advice and our opinion and requirements mattered and were fully met. We chose to engage two apprentices at the same time, in order that they had that peer support and healthy competition within the workforce where most of our full-time staff who are that bit older.

Would you recommend taking on an apprentice to other employers?

Yes, we would recommend the hiring of apprentices, if the organisation is settled and can provide adequate, genuine senior experience, mentoring and leadership. Working with Baltic, we have been left with the impression that this was a true partnership approach to matching people to positions.  There has been a mutual benefit for all concerned.

That’s down to people getting on the same wavelength; for that, the folks at Baltic are very good indeed.