Clockwork IT

One of our Coventry based Apprentices has successfully been promoted to manage his own team of new recruits. Currently working on his Level 4 Software Development programme, Declan Tiff has been promoted to Help Desk Team Leader and now has 2 new apprentices working under him. This culminates over a year of building his skillset at Midlands firm Clockwork IT, who are a software development company specialising in service management software.

We spoke to Director Andy Milner about how his opinions on apprenticeships have changed:

“I used to think it was mainly manual, low skilled work, that was my impression of it, rightly or wrongly. I’m completely sold on the idea of apprenticeships now. To get somebody like Declan, who has an inherent intelligence and a willingness to apply himself to the problems at hand has been brilliant.”

Finding the right candidate for the job is a problem that faces many companies like Clockwork IT. Taking on an apprentice who has developed no bad habits from past employers seems like an obvious solution to this.

Declan started his career with Clockwork IT as a Level 3 apprentice. Since then, he has improved immeasurably and this progress is backed up with his recent promotion to Help Desk Team Leader. When the position became available, Andy had no hesitation in offering it to Declan, who was proud to see that his hard work over the course of his apprenticeship is paying off.

Going from a new starter to a Help Desk Team Leader with managerial responsibilities over the course of an apprenticeship is certainly impressive, but it makes total sense when you consider the kind of practical learning that this route offers. Finishing university with a degree is incomparable to the kind of vital, real-world experience that Declan has had.

Andy explained how, at Clockwork IT, apprentices start off answering front line technical queries for existing and new clients. Then, during their time as an apprentice they acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make them a fully-fledged programmer in their own right. This involves being encouraged to take on their own software development projects, all while studying towards their Level 3 or Level 4 qualification.

Andy has found that taking on apprentices has added real value to his team. To see how apprenticeships could be the answer to your recruitment problems, click here.