Dufeu IT

Northamptonshire based managed service provider, Dufeu IT, have built a team that thrives on apprenticeships. We’ve spoken to Service Director Callum Baker to find out how this has benefited the business.

When asked whether he thought it was better to take on an apprentice over a graduate, Callum said there was no contest. They have been able to mould their apprentices into confident and engaged members of the team. He explains the impact of this:

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without apprentices. I genuinely mean that. I was, like many people, naïve about apprenticeships, but I couldn’t believe how relevant the courses were to what we actually do. It wasn’t just a ‘Baltic’ course, they were actual Microsoft courses too.”

He has found that taking on multiple apprentices at once is beneficial to everyone involved. Being able to talk to each other, share experiences and even having a bit of healthy competition has allowed his team of apprentices to thrive.

One of these apprentices, Ollie, has seen his responsibilities increase massively since he first started at Dufeu. He has progressed onto our Level 4 IT Professional programme and this has signalled a clear sign of development in his career. He is now able to close much harder tickets and his IT skills have improved without question. He So much so that he is the first point of contact within the business for support calls, which is a very important role.

Callum has found that the content of our programmes and our online delivery method has made the process of training his staff much easier:

“It’s reliable and it’s hassle free. We get sent a schedule, which is kept to and we are always kept in the loop. The training is clear and concise, and as their manager, it literally runs itself. We used to use another training provider and the difference is just incomparable. Baltic are a help to a business, not a hinderance. It’s like having our own training department without having to worry about it.”

The apprentices themselves have found our online training useful and enjoyable:

“They absolutely love the training and get so much from each course. We see such a difference after they finish a week’s course. They just seem so invigorated and so ready to use to skills they’ve learned in their role.”

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