Langley Foxall

How has taking on an apprentice impacted your organisation?

Our first employee was an apprentice from Baltic who still works for us and is now a key member of our team. Baltic found us 2 other apprentices who have both decided to continue their positions here after successfully completing their courses. Apprentices bring fresh ideas, new skills, and energy to a company something which plays a key part in growing a business.

How has your experience been with working with Baltic so far?

Baltic are a very knowledgeable and professional company. They clearly have their apprentices best interests at heart and are keen to ensure all parties involved in taking on an apprentice benefit. We have always received a professional and friendly service from all at the company and value our relationship with them.

What was your impression of apprenticeships before you decided to take on an apprentice?

We knew that hiring apprentices was going to be a cheap way of building our team during the early days of the company and of course this was an attractive advantage. We didn’t know how it would pan out and if employing an apprentice would be the right step for us but after speaking to Baltic at length about the advantages and opportunities, we decided it was a move we’d like to take.

How has this changed?

We would highly recommend taking on an apprentice to any small business are looking to grow and are open to having younger team members with plenty of enthusiasm for learning.

How has Jade improved over the course of her apprenticeship?

Jade’s knowledge of her subject has widened impressively, she has always conducted her role professionally and strives to achieve her best at all times. Her confidence and ability have grown resulting in us offering her a full-time position as Marketing Manager, a role she is more than capable of.

How have her responsibilities changed?

From concentrating mainly on her apprenticeship Jade now handles all marketing aspects of our company and is responsible for a range of jobs assisting our directors.

What are your opinions on our training delivery method (Online Live)?

With the training being delivered online, this is very useful for both the company and the apprentice themselves, it saves any possible issues that may arise with travel and allows the learner to gather everything they may need for the week easily. From an employers point of view, it’s great as our apprentice can focus entirely on their assignments rather than travel, extra costs, travel time etc.

Would you recommend us and if so why?

Of course, as mentioned above, Baltic is a very professional company and have provided us with several invaluable apprentices. Hiring an apprentice through Baltic is straightforward as they take care of everything and ensure that both parties are well prepared.

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