What support does the apprentice need?

Provide a ‘buddy’ for each apprentice. A buddy is a person within the workplace who works closely with the apprentice. Responsibilities of the buddy may include:

  • Informational resource on policies, procedures, work rules, norms – basically how things are done.
  • Help socialise and build networks.
  • Provide information.
  • Assist with on the job training.
  • Be a tour guide.
  • Check the apprentice’s work.
  • Identify resources that may be of use.
  • Provide introductions.
  • Monitor the apprentice’s progress, attitude, timekeeping and feed back to Baltic Training Services.

For the majority of apprentices joining the business, this is the first time they have been in a work environment. Apprentices will require additional support and training from their immediate colleagues as well as ongoing feedback.

It is important to ensure the apprentices understand what is expected of them. Apprentices will lack the experience and confidence to manage themselves and their workload and therefore will need to be given targets and timeframes to work towards. If there are issues with the quality of an apprentice’s work, their attitude or behaviour, this needs to be addressed early on.

Please ensure feedback is communicated to the apprentice straight away. Sometimes the cause of an issue is purely a lack of understanding on the apprentice’s part or a breakdown in communication. I.e. The apprentice does not have the confidence to admit when they do not understand something and therefore does not complete the task they were assigned.

In the event that the apprentice does not improve, we have a dedicated customer relations team that you can contact at any time for advice and support. We are here to support the apprentices transition into the workplace and will be available, to address any if required.