What’s involved with the training and how long are the apprentices out of the business?

Training is delivered in a block release, the apprentice will be required to attend up to 5 weeks of technical training. Courses typically occur every 6-8 weeks, and course dates are flexible as the course schedule is agreed with your dedicated apprenticeship co-ordinator.

Our apprenticeships are delivered via a virtual classroom which enhances the learning experience. Your apprentice can attend and complete the course without ever leaving the office, reducing travel and accommodation costs.

Recent studies and experience have demonstrated that course delivery via a virtual classroom supports a much more focused approach to learning through a simultaneous independent and collaborative education experience. Online live delivery has boosted apprenticeship achievement outcomes and increased learner satisfaction and productivity.

Our training team of technical specialists deliver every course to an exceptional standard and provide support, guidance and tuition to your apprentice.

By partnering with us as your training provider your apprentice will start attending courses, learning and adding value to your business straight away.