Government Procurement Policy

On the 11th November 2009, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published a new skills strategy White Paper (Skills for Growth).  This included reference to the government using its procurement powers to ‘promote skills training and apprenticeship opportunities’. The Government currently procures about £220 billion worth of goods and services a year, and plans to support 20,000 apprenticeships over the next three years by requiring government contractors to offer apprenticeships as a condition of obtaining future public contracts.

More recently, as outlined in the 2020 Vision document, the government has committed to increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships in England to three million starts over the next five years.  To assist with that target it put in place a requirement that from September 2015 public procurement of contracts with a full life value of £10 million and above and duration of 12 months and above should be used to support skills development and delivery of the apprenticeship commitment

Baltic Training Services can support the development, implementation and delivery of a skills training and apprenticeship scheme with your organisation to underpin future government contracts.

Read the full policy here English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision