Accessing local and relevant training centres

Once you’ve found suitable training, within your budget, you next need to consider the financial and logistical implications of travel, and accommodation.

The location of a training centre with relevant courses restricts businesses who are not operating within a reasonable distance. Not being able to access local training centres brings the additional cost of travel, and accommodation; as well as the hours lost on the road to the class itself.

Online Live is the future of learning: our virtual classroom blends lectures, hands-on practice, and instructor led interaction to create the most stimulating and effective learning environment possible. Your staff can advance their current skill-set without attending an external training centre and removing themselves from the workplace.

Training in the workplace allows your employees to keep up to date with your business, whilst gaining new skills they can immediately apply in their day-to-day role. In addition, all of our courses are recorded, and accessible to your apprentice for up to 6 months after attending the class: so, they can revisit topics, and refine their knowledge even further.