Identifying Appropriate Training

The endless list of training options and courses can make it difficult to identify appropriate training which is relevant and will add real value within a specific role.  Many training courses are theory based, can be generic and at times outdated meaning the content cannot be easily put into practice in the workplace.

New Apprenticeship Standards mean that employers are now at the forefront of the development of apprenticeships and learning, aiming to produce workplace skills that are relevant to business and industry. Meaning, our new programmes have been developed with employers in mind, to ensure each course matches the skills required to excel in a particular field and role.

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Useful Tips!

Here are somethings to consider when deciding what training your team requires:

  1. Look at the current skills levels of your team
  2. Identify the skills/knowledge gaps within the business
  3. Decide which new skills could take your business forward
  4. Plan for appropriate training to bridge those gaps

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Why should I train and retain?