Training is too expensive

Training and continuous professional development (CPD) is integral to any business. However more and more businesses are reluctant to train their teams because of the financial impact it has, not only from the training itself, but with the travel and accommodation costs that can also occur.

Some businesses view training as an expense, when in fact it is an investment.

There are multiple reasons to invest in training: it improves productivity, increases motivation and also helps in retaining loyal employees.

The cost of external training can be expensive, however, with apprenticeships there is government funding in place to help you develop your employees whilst keeping the costs down. The amount of funding available will depend on the size of your organisation and ranges from 90-100%, so as you can see, the cost to you as an employer is minimal and in many cases, no contribution is required.

At Baltic we pride ourselves on being digitally dedicated and this is embodied throughout our delivery model. Our technical training is delivered via our interactive, instructor led virtual classrooms, with the added benefit of saving outgoings on travel or accommodation.

If you would like to find out how much funding you are able to claim to train your team, speak to one of our advisers on the live chat.