Upskill Existing Staff

Alongside recruiting an apprentice who is new to your business, you can use an apprenticeship programme for upskilling employees. Apprenticeships are an excellent way of increasing the skillset of your current workforce. They provide a mixture of learning and on-the-job training for someone you already know has the potential and motivation to go further in your business.

There is currently a skills shortage in the IT sector, with around 731,000 jobs currently in technology-based roles and a further 120,000 new recruits needed each year. If employers do not manage to fill this skills shortage in the IT sector, individual businesses and the industry as a whole will suffer, whilst the UK risks falling behind its competitors in both European and world markets.

It makes sense to safeguard your business by upskilling employees from your current workforce.

The Apprenticeship Levy

All employers with a salary bill of over £3,000,000 now pay into the apprenticeship levy. For businesses who do not plan on bringing new recruits into their business, levy funds can be used for upskilling employees from an existing workforce.

Any member of staff eligible for the funding can benefit from completing and achieving one of our apprenticeship programmes.

This is a fantastic opportunity for managers to improve retention, increase staff morale and motivation while developing the knowledge and skills of their workforce.

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