What is Online Live?

Baltic were the first training provider to offer a completely digital apprenticeship training solution. All of our training is delivered using the industry leading Online Live platform.

Digitally dedicated

Online Live is a highly interactive online classroom environment that meets the evolving needs of the digital sector. Our apprenticeships work by giving our learners the vital skills needed to succeed in the tech industry, delivered in the place that they feel most at home – online.

This new technology is combined with the tried and tested methods of traditional education to provide a rounded and effective training solution that our apprentices thrive on.

Delivery method

Online Live has been designed with real learners in mind. Our unique training delivery method blends lectures, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction to create the most stimulating and successful learning environment possible.

This includes a mix of both group tasks and individual assignments, with opportunities for interaction between learners at every stage. All courses are recorded and accessible to apprentices for up to 6 months after attending the class, making revision even easier.

Cost effective

From an employer’s point of view, one of the many benefits of Online Live is saving on travel and accommodation costs, as there is no need for learners to travel to college.

Apprentices can log on and learn wherever they have internet access, whether they choose to do their training in the workplace or in the comfort of their own home.

Block release

Compared with the day release model that many apprenticeships follow, the nature of Online Live means that our modules are delivered in week long blocks, every 5-7 weeks. Our course schedules are flexible, in order to fit the needs of our employers and apprentices.

This means that there is much less disruption to an apprentice’s daily role. When they go back to work after a training week, their newly learned knowledge is reinforced, as they are able to immediately put it into practice.

Find out more

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